Any Website 

Needs a Proper maintenance!

We offer several models of subscription 

for different business cases.

With Our Reliable Subscription Services 

Your website will stay on top of search engines 

and will always be up to date.

We came up with a new model of unique subscriptions

Our subscription services offer a vide variety of services:

  • Shopware updates
  • Bug fixes
  • SEO
  • New feature development
  • Maintenance
  • Constant Design Updates

  • Design Changes
  • Content Updates
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Major feature development
  • Minor feature development
  • Ongoing Optimizations

Pick a subscription plan that suits you the most

Basic Monthly Subscription Plan
Bug Fixes, Incremental Updates and General Support

Standard Monthly Subscription Plan
Bug Fixes, Incremental Updates, General Support and SEO

Premium Monthly Subscription Plan
Bug Fixes, All Shop Updates, General Support, SEO, 1 new major feature, Minor Features

Enterprise Monthly Subscription Plan
1 Dedicated Developer, Bug Fixes, All Shop Updates, General Support, SEO, 2 new major features, Minor Features

Ultra Monthly Subscription Plan
Dedicated team of developers, Bug Fixes, All Shop Updates, General Support, SEO, 5 new major features, Minor Features


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