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Recaptcha V2

Google reCAPTCHA V2 for Registration, Login, Contact, Newsletter and Password recovery Pages. Your list of customers will no longer be filled with random bots and fake customers.
Thanks to this extension your list of customers will no longer be filled with random bots which scam your customer list.
You will not receive spam emails from bots through any form of your website.
You will need Google reCAPTCHA v2 keys which should be written in plugin configuration so the plugin can operate. 

  • Exclude Bot Registration
  • reCaptcha V2 human verification in registration page
  • reCaptcha V2 human verification in login page
  • reCaptcha V2 human verification on contact, newsletter and password recovery forms
  • Have a bot free customer list

Custom Styling and CSS Classes

You will get a list of hundreds of css classes which you can use in your shopping experiences to customize colors, background colors, fonts, layouts, animations and anything related to style on your website.

See The Class List under Plugin description here

  • Animations for images, containers and other Predefined Custom CSS Classes
  • Customize any background of CMS element
  • Change input color, background color, placeholder color
  • Apply shadows to texts and images
  • Add, remove on inputs and buttons, change their colors and background colors

Advanced Compact Drop down Menu with Search

Drop down menu instead of the full size shopware menu. With this feature customers will see the important information that they need. They wil also be able to search through all categories and subcategories of the current menu. There is a possibility to enable/disable the menu search feature. Thanks to this plugin you will have a better menu as other websites do.

Font Awesome Integration

Get vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web's most popular icon set and toolkit.

  • Font Awesome Integration
  • Both Free and Pro Version Integration
  • Quickly Enable/Disable
  • Cloud Compatible

Full Fontawesome Integration for your website. Both free and pro version integration. With fontawesome you will be able to use everything from https://fontawesome.com/

Social Media Icons

Plugin gives you social media buttons in the last footer column, in footer bottom as well as in product page. 
Each of the 3 options, as well as individual links and buttons could be disabled individually. 
As a bonus you also get fontawesome icons with the plugin.
You also have icons for phone, email, app store and play store as well.
Your website will have all social media buttons that will help your users to share your website, products and boost your sales!