Aesthetic X

The Most Customizable and Beautiful Shopware Theme

 The Future of Shopware Themes is Already Here

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The First Theme With Dark, Light and Automatic Modes

Aesthetic X Can Adapt to the system set mode, as well as can allow users to switch modes

Aesthetic X is more than just a theme

It is a Shopware theme builder with 3284582400 Theme Setting Combinations

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Responsive Design - Mobile Oriented

Aesthetic X Pays attention to Desktop, as well as Mobile Design

Mobile Specific Configurations

Aesthetic X offers  Customizations not only for Desktop Design but for Mobile as Well

Multiple Color Blends

Change backgrounds, make them transparent, blurred with different color modes.

Transform your website whenever you want

Our intuitive configurations can help you generate unique theme designs for your website. The more creative you are the better website you will create for yourself


Aesthetic X is The Most Customizable and Beautiful Shopware theme. Including Automatic Dark Mode, customization of header, topbar, navigation body and footer, this theme will allow you to customize it and generate a unique design that satisfies your needs. 
3284582400 Different setting combinations of Aesthetic X guarantee that you can configure yourself a unique and beautiful theme that suits the needs of your Online Shop the most.
You have the possibility to customize:
Light and Dark Backgrounds of your website's header, navigation, footer other main elements,
Text colors, fonts and icons,
Logos and even a Special Dark Mode Logo,
Theme Mode of your website with 3 options: Light, Dark and Automatic with the possibility to have a manual toggle for websites' users.
Ability to add custom CSS and JS to your website,
Compact Menu With a Search and an option to hide the search bar,
A special Icon in the header with different options of icons and a possibility of having a custom URL for it.
Ability to have an Absolute Header on your homepage, thanks to which your header will lay on top of the 1st shopping experience element image.
2 logo positions: Center or Left.
Pick 5 different sizes for your logo.
Show/Hide the topbar on top of your header.
Show/Hide up-to 4 messages in topbar, and input any short text message that you want.
Show a special Discount Countdown timer in topbar with date selection from theme settings.
Choose 6 different navigation alignment types.
Hide home entity from navigation.
Replace home text by a home logo in navigation.
Remove body paddings.
Have the body affected by dark/light modes of your website or have it always in a single color.
Have 3D Products Wherever your product boxes are displayed.
Have possibility do display your product boxes with full width.
Have a Newsletter form on top of your footer.
Display custom icons with social media links on the bottom of your footer or as a new column in your footer. Social Media links include all famous social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram and Even App Store and Play Store.
Show/Hide the annoying Shopware Services Column.
Add Up to 5 Custom footer images. E.G. delivery options or shipping.
Custom Shopping Experience Elements Included
Show Social Media Sharing Buttons on Product Pages.
Enable Free and Pro Versions of Fontawesome and use the millions of custom icons in your website!
With these enormous amount of customizations you would be able to create a unique and perfect theme for your rising business!
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